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Ray's River Dories would like to add any comments and pictures of boats that have been built from our kits to this site. Any feedback on your experience working with us and our kits or boats is welcome.

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Oct 2008


I have had this boat since November 1984 and it is still in great shape. I use it as a working boat and treat it pretty rough, the rivers I fish here in California are choked with brush and logs so scratches are just part of the day and I could not enjoy it if I thought it was a piece of furniture. It has been kept indoors over the years which has greatly increased it's life. The plywood was beginning to check and there were signs of mildew showing up. So I stripped the outside 10 coats of varnish as well as the Watco on the floor inside. I bleached the mildew out and refinished the outside with the last of my penta wood preservative and six coats of spar varnish.

I used a newer type of preservative on the floor inside (since I was out of Penta) and recoated it with Watco. The inside sides of the hull just needed hand sanding and a recoat with Watco. The seat backs, dry box, and rock guards were added a year after I purchased the boat.

If I remember correctly, this was the first boat that your son had constructed start to finish by himself. I've enjoyed many hours of use and have had some great catch and release days. Thanks for the good times and the memories. Take note that the wood fit at the bow and both stern corners is still tight.

Larry Cadd.

The 17 Rogue kit shown below was built by Brad Preston of Portland Oregon. The wood used is Sapelli African Mahogony Plywood.

Complete Package $5700.00

(click on each small image for enlarged photo.)

Serious Inquiries Only Please Contact:
Brad Preston • 503-631-7322

The letter that accompanied the photos above:

Hello there Ray,

The boat has produced several fish for harvest as well as release (sport), and is no stranger to the upper Sandy. An experienced oarsman has stated that it handles better with three 200 plus # adults/gear than his 16' rogue with one (oarsman).
His 16' was built by you some 25 years ago and he is the second owner (another beautiful boat). From start to finish your product and support was paramount. I truly believe that you (Rays River Dories) produce the finest wood boats and kits available. In some of the natural testing that takes place during drift boat use I have experience a couple of key points; this boat is extremely stable under all conditions (my family is five in total), its inherent agility allows a beginner to learn (with onboard instruction) quickly and safely, and your boats are always the most admired. I would recommend your product (any style) to anyone considering (any model) a boat purchase. I would also urge them to challenge your materials, design, and finish with any other. I believe there is no other boat (hand crafted or alike) that can stand up to yours. I have been building fine furniture for almost 18 years and now specialize in old home renovations. Your boats just make sense. Once again thank you Ray, and Cy, for your dedication to your product.


Brad Preston

The 16 Classic Rogue model shown in photos below was built from one of our boat kits by, Chuck Tannlund.

(click on each small image for enlarged photo.)

For more customer comments and pictures go to second part of this page: MORE...